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Our aim is to protect people and the environment as well as possible. We do this by keeping our demands for quality and safety high. We are aware of the hazard potential of our products and we wish to enact this spirit of responsibility. Our desire to be successful is not contradictory to this. On the contrary: it is necessary to contribute – in our effort to create a better world. Only in this way is it possible to progress sustainably.

Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.

Immanuel Kant

Our areas of responsibility

We understand product responsibility as the continuous improvement of safety for people and the environment – also in the name of our customers and partners that we support in their safe and environmentally-caring handling of our products and to whom we communicate inherent risks and requisite safety precautions with regard to use. We aim to secure corresponding levels of responsible behaviour in our procurement – and obligate our service providers/suppliers accordingly.

Within our operational sequences, the occupational safety and health protection of our employees is of primary importance. Simultaneously, with company-internal work cycles we also ensure compliance with currently valid safety, health and environmental regulations – at all times and across all locations. We strengthen the individual responsibility awareness of our employees via clarification, further education and training courses in these areas.

It is our declared aim to avoid or minimise climate-damaging emissions in connection with our business practice wherever possible. As a consequence, along the length of our value creation chain we continuously improve our environmental performance:

  • with use of raw materials,
  • with energy generation and consumption,
  • in our own system- and synthesis processes,
  • with the transport and supply of our products, and
  • with the reuse and waste disposal of products and raw materials.

When selecting suppliers and partners, their compliance to our corporate principles is at least as important as their expertise and reliability.

Just as the Q in our brand name OQEMA takes pride of place, so do high quality specifications determine our activities, products and services. In everything we do, we consider the interests of employees, customers, suppliers, other business partners, shareholders, neighbours and society in general – in accordance with our OQEMA Code of Conduct OQEMA Code of Conduct.

We see our customer relationships as being partnerships on an equal footing. As part of this we attempt to identify the expectations of customers at an early stage and respond rapidly in the interest of their needs. We measure the extent to which we succeed in this with their satisfaction – each and every day.

Code of Conduct

A question of attitude.